Digitizing Healthcare

Korenti Health® is a browser based hospital management system(HMS) with a centralized database designed to create a connected network of healthcare centers.

The system empowers healthcare providers with the ability to better manage their healthcare facility and deliver quality care to their patients.

The Korenti Health hospital management system is currently available in three different packages with each product line designed to appeal to healthcare centers of different size and capacity. 

01 | Hospital Information System

02 | Electronic Medical Records

03 | Practice Management

04 | Integration & Customization

By building a nationwide healthcare ecosystem filled with abundant data, the Korenti Health system will transform the health sector in Ethiopia.

Hospital Information System
Electronic Medical Records
Practice Management
Integration & Customization

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the next big disruption in healthcare. Since the number of health care professionals are vastly outnumbered by the population, AI is gaining more traction. The integration of AI in the health sector will alleviate the stress caused by this great disparity. Korenti Health is working towards that goal.   


Korenti Health® aims to democratize healthcare in Ethiopia by empowering healthcare providers and patients with access to technology and data. When healthcare providers have access to complete and accurate information, patients receive better medical care. Electronic health records can increase the ability to diagnose disease, reduce medical errors and improve overall patient outcomes.

Health Care Providers

Form long-term partnerships with individual health centers by customizing the tool to fit their specific needs. With access to the complete patient medical history, help health care providers make quick and accurate diagnosis.

Public Health Data

Standardize medical record keeping across the entire health sector. Collect valuable data depicting routine procedures, trends and have the ability to predict outbreaks. 


Forge partnerships with government and non-governmental entities. Provide them with an extensive data mine to help inform academic research and effective policy making.